Havana Mush Up Cover 

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“Hard work, Talent and Luck are the three things recipe for your success, whatever that is”, that is what Vassilia believe, and that is what she did to create her own success, her own story and her own music; An exotic islander Greek-Cypriot lady and a young musician who left from the island she was born, she came by herself to Los Angeles and obviously, she is not going to slip by, since her outstanding live performances and voice are her métier. The 25 years old islander performer released her first single, Better Alone. Vassilia also released many acoustic covers of famous songs with breathless music videos.  Vassilia is getting ready for her upcoming album and at the same time she is a radio producer and presenter of La Greek Hebrew Radio making people laugh with her ultimate funny Greek way of doing it !



youtube web series eleven live roses are featuring vassilia for their 4th episode

July 16, 2018

It's the story of a boy from Japan who plays a song by a German band with Vassilia, the islander from Cyprus in the City of Angels. We are going intercontinental for ELEVEN LIVE ROSES Episode 4, but don't worry: we speak the international language of rock n' roll, baby! 
Subscribe to the Official Music By SHOW YouTube channel to see the new episode on Tuesday 17 July.


Vassilia releases her new music video acoustic cover havana mush up featuring michael garza.

September 30, 2018

And its outside the amazing and wildish Havana Mush Up Cover feat. with her partner in crime Michael Garza. In the cover they mush-up songs like: Havana, Objection, Smooth and Lean On. Production Company Royalty Creation Studios. CHECK IT OUT.

New Single Debut 

Better Alone



July 1, 2018

Exciting news! Vassiliia is releasing her first single in the Alternative Rock Stage, listen now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Soundcould etc.

Vassilia in Los Angeles Greek Film Festival opening night 2018

June 11, 2018

Vassilia not only attended and supported Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2018, she was also the Social Event Ambassador supporting and organizing Mixers, Social Events and Filmmakers After Parties among with Demetri York, an amazing actor, comedian and director. See more..

Vassilia in the la greek hebrew radio every monday and tuesday talking greek and again... talking greek!, listen live.

July 10, 2018

Vassilia is live on radio! Listen live Vassilia in La Greek Hebrew Radio, a worldwide radio station, based in the heart of Los Angeles. Listen Live Vassilia every Monday and Tuesday at 10am in Kalimera  Show among with Sotiris, and on Wednesday 12pm the Art Direction Show, whereas Vassilia brings and interviews new artists and talks about arts, music, film, vegan and animals' support news. More info click here... 

Red Carpet Captures Vassilia in Orhpeus Awards / closing night of Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2018

June11, 2018

Vassilia supported the Orpheus Awards and the Closing Night of Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2018 among other artists, actors and Greek Celebs like George Tsakiris, Rita Moreno, Chuck Dukas and many more. See more...









Vassilia Performing Live at Los Angeles Valley College

Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 1:30pm - 3pm

First Live Performance of Vassilia's original songs 

Michael Garza - Guitar/Vocals





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